A new way to help people fight the flu: Yellow fruit leather

The yellow fruit leather from orange peels and banana skins can help keep the body cool in the cold and help fight the H1N1 flu, a team of researchers say.

The team of Australian and Canadian researchers from the Australian National University has now developed a new method for treating patients who have had severe flu episodes that are thought to have caused the coronavirus pandemic.

The researchers, from the Institute of Infectious Diseases, and the Centre for Global Health Research at the University of NSW, said they found that patients who had severe seasonal flu episodes were more likely to benefit from using yellow fruit cloths and other items, such as fruit baskets, that are made of edible material, such a fruit leather.

“People who are having severe flu symptoms should consider the potential benefits of using fruit leather and other products made from edible material to treat seasonal flu symptoms,” the team wrote in a report published online today in the journal PLOS One.

“We believe that these items could be used to provide patients with comfort, warmth, support and reduce the risk of influenza infection, as well as to assist them with maintaining their personal hygiene and well-being.”

The yellow fruit products are also thought to help the immune system fight off infection, preventing coronaviral spread.

The yellow fruits are made from citrus fruits, citrus oil, dried fruit, peels, seeds, and seeds from peels of orange peel, banana peel, banana skins, and other edible plant materials.

They are available at health food stores, online and through supermarkets.

The fruit leather was made from the skins of yellow oranges, banana peels or bananas that have been dried to make the material.

The skin is pressed into a flexible fabric that can be cut into strips that can then be used for a variety of uses, including as a pillow or as a substitute for the lining of bedclothes.

The group says it has found that people who have been sick for a long time can benefit from wearing the yellow fruits, because it prevents the virus from spreading and keeps the body cooler.

“Yellow fruit leather has been shown to be safe in people with severe seasonal influenza, but its potential as a treatment for seasonal flu is unknown,” the researchers wrote.

“The main advantage of this product is that it is flexible, can be used in conjunction with other products, and is easy to wash and sanitise.”

Dr Michael Ehrlich, from University of Queensland, said yellow fruit is a natural product, but there is a need for more research into its use.

“I think yellow fruit has been a big part of medicine for centuries,” he said.

“This study is the first one to actually show the benefits of wearing this stuff.”

Dr Ehrich said the findings of the study were not encouraging.

“You can see from the report that the researchers think that wearing yellow fruit in a clinical setting is a safe and effective way to manage flu symptoms.”

But, again, we need to see more studies before we can say that yellow fruit does anything in terms of helping people who are suffering with the pandemic,” he added.