Why Australians are more likely to buy fruit than vegetables

The fruit and vegetable market in Australia has been booming over the past decade, as Australians have grown up eating more fruit and vegetables.

But is it the best way to eat the fruit and veg you’re looking for?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is launching a new survey to find out.

It aims to determine whether people are buying more fruit or vegetables in Australia, based on three factors: consumer tastes, food prices and availability.

We asked you to tell us about your experiences with fruit and veggies.

We also asked you if you have bought any in the past year.

Your results will be used to develop the Australian Fruit and Vegetable Market Report, which will be published on 7 October.

To read our latest research, go to theABS website .

The survey will take a three-week period and includes information about how people responded to the survey.

The ABS has also been testing a number of different strategies to help increase sales, including asking people to choose their favourite vegetables from the vegetables offered at supermarkets.

It also plans to test the potential of the “soup of the month” to encourage people to buy more fruit.

The market report will also ask people about what they think of the different types of fruit and where they buy them.

It’s designed to help inform and improve the market and reduce consumer waste, said the ABS.

“The data gathered by the report will help us improve our supply chain to ensure we have the best products available, and will help improve the quality of our products,” said ABS director of communications Peter White.

The survey results are being released to the public, with the first report due in August.

The report also includes recommendations to encourage consumers to buy a variety of fruit.

It recommends that consumers buy fruit from local suppliers, and to encourage their parents to buy their own.

“We want to encourage our customers to buy locally grown fruit,” Mr White said.

“And we want to ensure that all of our suppliers have good supply chains.”

The ABS is also looking at other ways to boost the market.

For example, it is working with a food processor to create a new range of frozen meals that are better for people who are overweight or obese.

It is also working with other retailers to offer fresh produce, such as the National Farmers Market, for people to try out.

The ABC’s Food and Farm blog will be updated on the results.

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