The fruit bat in your garden

The fruit bats of Florida are everywhere.

They eat insects, and they eat berries.

But some people like to call them fruit bats.

And the fruit bats in this video are from the fruit bat tree in a small, suburban town in Florida.

They are part of a group of trees that are threatened by invasive species.

The fruit tree is native to the tropics, but it has become a problem for many of the trees in Florida, which is home to more than half of the world’s tropical fruit bats, according to the American Bird Conservancy.

In Florida, the tree has been encroaching on native trees and fruit, and is spreading its disease faster than the native species can respond.

This is an unusual situation, said Dr. Thomas Eberhardt, the head of the Florida Department of Agriculture’s wildlife disease research program.

He said the bats are in a “toxic zone” and that they need to be protected, but he’s not sure if it will be enough.

“We have a large area that has been heavily invaded and now the trees are under pressure, and if the bats don’t come back, they will probably kill them,” said Eberhart.

It is unclear how many bats live in the area.

They’re all known to the birds and mammals that live there, but the bats themselves have never been studied in detail.

It’s a question that is being asked by a group called the Florida Fruit Bat Watch, which wants the bats to be listed as threatened species in Florida and other states.

That would mean that people in these states can kill or kill them to prevent the disease spreading.

But there are still questions about how to get there.

For now, the fruit trees have to be kept in a protected area, which isn’t easy for some.

There are a lot of bats, but they have to wait their turn to be a part of the tree.

There is also no guarantee that the bats will be around for many years.

“If you kill the tree in one year and leave the bats behind, the next year they’ll come back,” said Chris Bales, a wildlife biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“It’s very dangerous to keep the trees.”

The fruit trees are not the only trees that need protection.

There’s also a problem with some of the native fruit trees, which are in Florida’s northern part, and the birds that eat them, and those birds are eating other native fruit.

Dr. Eberhard said the fruit tree has an evolutionary history, so the bats need to come back.

It takes time, and there is a lot more work to do.

But he says the fruit will eventually come back and be able to eat the native tree.

“Hopefully, eventually we will have fruit trees that we can rely on to eat fruit,” he said.

There have been a lot better species of fruit bats that have been introduced to the US.

But they are very different from the bat bats, and it’s hard to predict how many will come back to Florida.

The bats are known for eating berries, but there are other species of bats that are also eating fruit.

“They are a little bit more carnivorous,” said Dr, Eberth.

“And there are some bats that live in a really dense forest that don’t have the habitat to eat as many insects,” he added.