Dragon Fruit plant to be sold in Australia

CARBON in fruit plant could be sold to Australian consumers under a proposed move by the Government to boost the export of Australian produce.

Key points:Carbonyl compounds (CAs) are widely used in fruit production, but they can be harmful to the environment and have been linked to air pollutionThe Australian government is planning to remove them from its products after a report found they were linked to the growth of wild fire in the Northern TerritoryThe proposed policy would mean that any carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels would be offset by the export from Australia of products that contain the compounds, including carbs in fruits.

Carbons are found in some fruits and vegetables.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and is responsible for the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The carbon dioxide can act as a catalyst for the growth and spread of wild fires.

“There is strong evidence that the combustion of fossil fuels can cause climate change,” Agriculture Minister Steven Ciobo said.

“Our focus is on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels, and the government is determined to achieve this through policy changes.”

He said the government would introduce a carbon pricing scheme in the next two years, and would also work with Australian firms to set the prices they would charge for carbon dioxide.

“Carbon pricing is a way to get our domestic supply of carbon offsets,” Mr Ciobo told reporters on Tuesday.

“We are committed to that and to making that happen.”

Carbon compounds are commonly found in fruit and vegetables and are commonly used in products such as fruit-flavoured jelly and in cosmetics.

“The emissions of CAs are extremely low,” Mr Currie said.

The Minister said the Government was working closely with industry to reduce emissions of CO2, particularly by reducing the use of fossil fuel in the production of products.

“That means reducing the amount of CO 2 we burn, and therefore reducing the emissions of emissions that we have,” Mr DiCiobo said on Tuesday night.

The Government’s plan is expected to be approved in the Senate on Thursday, with a final bill expected in 2018.

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