Why did you drink the juice from this fruit?

Posted September 10, 2018 07:09:56 In the late 1800s, fruit juices were considered to be a healthier alternative to juice, which was known to contain too much sugar.

However, the drink became known for its taste, with fruit juices often being sweetened with sugar, alcohol and honey.

The drinks were popular during the Victorian era when there was a lot of fruit to be had.

Fruit juices were made from ripe fruit, which can have up to 30 per cent sugar and 50 per cent water.

The drink is known for being sugary, so the fruit was used in place of fruit juice and is also known as fruit water.

Fruit juice contains a variety of flavourings, including sweetened sugar and fruit syrup, which makes the drink more sweet than regular juice.

The sugar is added to the drink to sweeten it and help keep the fruit juices flavour fresh.

The process of making the drink is called “fruit washing”.

The process involves the juice being poured into a bowl and being washed with water.

It is then dried in a kiln to reduce the sugar and alcohol content, before it is placed in a vat and strained through a funnel.

It takes about 20 minutes to make a full fruit smoothies.