Apple to open fruit juice and juice bar in San Francisco

Apple plans to open a fruit juice bar at a new location in San Jose, California, where it has struggled to compete with the likes of Starbucks and Whole Foods, according to people familiar with the plans.

The announcement comes a day after Starbucks announced plans to expand into San Jose in 2019, which could potentially help Apple, which has struggled for years to gain a foothold in the region.

The company is also eyeing San Francisco as a location for a coffee shop and delivery service.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new San Jose location would be the company’s “first foray into a major U.S. market.”

The move comes after the tech giant announced last month it was expanding into San Francisco, a city that has struggled in recent years to grow its retail sales.

The city is also experiencing a surge in homelessness, and Apple is already seeking to expand its presence in the city.

The new Apple store will be in a space that Apple has occupied since 2012, but it is unclear whether it will be a location that would open up a full-service store.

The company is considering a number of locations in the Bay Area, including a new store at a former Apple manufacturing facility in Palo Alto.

The expansion of the San Jose store will also help Apple compete with other companies that are moving into San Diego, Los Angeles and Oakland, as well as in other cities in the U.s.

The San Jose-based Apple has been aggressively expanding its retail presence in recent months, launching stores in more than 70 countries in addition to the U, U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Apple has been looking to expand internationally, especially after the company announced it will open a coffee bar in India this year.

The San Jose Apple would help it compete with some of its biggest competitors, including Starbucks and other fast-food chains.

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