Australia to cut calories in fruit with fiber

AUSTRALIA will cut calories by as much as 40 per cent in fruit and vegetables, after it announced a $500 million fund to buy low-carbon produce.

The Federal Government will buy up to $500m of fruit and vegetable produce to meet a $600 million food price rise by 2025, as the Government tries to offset the rising cost of energy and other inputs in the agriculture sector.

The announcement comes after the Federal Government last year announced a national food price index, which tracks the cost of producing food.

It will also be used to calculate the Government’s target for the cost to produce a standard standard Australian-grown vegetable.

Fruits and vegetables will be included in the new fund, which will be paid for by a combination of fees from growers and other farmers.

Groups opposed to the Government have warned it could cause widespread hunger and reduce the supply of affordable food.

The fund will be used for planting, harvest, transport and other production costs, including marketing and marketing staff, but will not cover other inputs such as labour and pesticides.