How to make banana fruit kabob: seasonally grown fruits from a banana company

The fruit kob is a fruit grown in the banana-producing region of South America, Brazil and Peru.

It’s one of the most popular varieties of kaboba and one of several varieties that are grown for its flavor and sweet and savory qualities.

The banana fruit is eaten by indigenous peoples in the region, and its distinctive taste is said to be due to its high sugar content.

Banana farmers are also known to add flavoring to the fruit to make it more palatable.

A new crop of banana fruits is ready for harvest, with banana plantations in Argentina and Chile expected to have been planted by the end of this year, according to the National Fruit and Vegetable Authority (AGA).

This is the first year that bananas are harvested from the region.

This year’s harvest is expected to exceed 1.5 million tonnes of the fruit, according the aga.