The fruit you’ll love for Christmas

This year, Christmas Eve is going to be a little bit different for some of us. 

As Christmas is around the corner, we’re celebrating a little different holiday. 

Here’s what you need to know about Christmas in 2017: It will be cold and wet but the streets are bustling. 

You might have heard about the “Christmas trees” in Edinburgh, but you may not have realised it’s the first time they’ve opened on the Royal Mile. 

It’s also the first week of Christmas in the UK, so expect a lot of trees. 

And there are lots of things to do around Christmas Day, including the Royal Palms in Birmingham, the Royal Albert Hall in London and a Christmas Eve celebration in Cardiff. 

What you can expect: There will be a lot more to see around Christmas Eve than in years past. 

The Royal Palm Trees have a big new tree in Birmingham on Christmas Eve, but it will be the last time it will open for the whole year. 

A Christmas Eve parade in Cardiff is planned for December 5 and is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people. 

There’s a new Christmas tree at the Royal Gardens in London, as well as a festive display in Edinburgh on Christmas Day. 

But it won’t be the only place you’ll see the festive spirit this year.

There’s also a Christmas Market at the Old Town of Cardiff and a parade at the Southbank, with more to come in 2017. 

This is the first year in 20 years that Edinburgh will be celebrating Christmas on Christmas day, but there are plans to move to Christmas Eve. 

With the arrival of the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve holidays, the city is looking to make it the most exciting time of the year.

What you can do: This year there are plenty of opportunities for people to spend Christmas Day with friends, family or visitors. 

From walking the streets, to going to restaurants, to enjoying shopping, we want to make sure you get out and enjoy the festive season as much as possible. 

Christmas is always the perfect time to take the children on a holiday with you and make Christmas a great time. 

How to celebrate Christmas Eve in Edinburgh: The city’s Christmas Eve celebrations begin with a Christmas Tree Opening in Birmingham. 

Once the tree is open for public viewing, visitors can take part in a Christmas Parade in Cardiff and visit the Old City of Cardiff where a Christmas display is planned. 

Then, a Christmas Festival takes place in Edinburgh with music, storytelling and crafts to mark the occasion. 

After the parade, there will be an annual Christmas Eve Celebration in the Old Market, which is expected for Christmas Day in Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

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