What’s the deal with Dragon Fruit Tree? – Dragon Fruit

It’s the kind of tree that you would probably find on a suburban cul-de-sac.

It’s a dragon fruit, and its name is “Dragon Fruit Tree”.

The tree was discovered in the village of Chiswick in Wiltshire in the 1970s.

Its tree, which measures about 60m (328ft) tall, has been described as “the tallest tree on Earth” by the Guinness World Records.

It has an estimated value of around £1.3 million ($2.2m) but it is only the second tree of its kind in the world.

“It’s a unique, amazing tree that has been named Dragon Fruit, because it’s so unusual in its size,” said Nick Hill, a specialist in tree conservation and management at the University of St Andrews.

“The world has never seen anything like it.

It is so unusual that we know about it.

The tree is a miracle tree.”

He said the tree was a very special case because of its location.

“It’s in a wooded area, so it’s probably closer to the river than it is to the nearest road,” he said.

“Its a unique place, because the village was built on the site of the previous farm and there’s an old road, so the road itself is still there, but it’s not there anymore.”

The tree has been the subject of a number of research projects, and it has become an important site in the conservation efforts.

“We have had a lot of interest from around the world, and from all over the world as well,” said Hill.

“And we’ve had some of the biggest companies and most influential people in the business of cutting down these trees, but also from the people who have lived here for generations and are here today.”

They’re very interested in it.”‘

A real tree of the past’The village of Shrewsbury in Wilton, Wilts, is just a stone’s throw from the Dragon Fruit tree.

It was first noticed by local residents, who noted that the tree looked very much like the “old” farm.”

People say, ‘Wow, that’s the same tree we saw in the 60s,'” said Hill, “and they’ve been going around telling people that for years.””

So they’re very impressed by it.

“The local people were fascinated.”

When I was a kid, I’d take my parents and my auntie and uncle and we’d climb up to the tree and we would walk around the edge and you’d get goosebumps, just standing on it,” said Shrew’s local resident, Jenny Jones.

The tree grew up to be a “phenomenal” specimen.

It had a strong “kink” in the trunk, which was a natural sign of a tree with a history.”

So, the village’s really proud of it. “

But when we looked more closely, we realised it was a really special specimen, because its shape and size was so different from other dragon fruit trees.”

So, the village’s really proud of it.

They’re really happy to be associated with it, because this is a real tree.

“Mr Hill, who is a member of the British Dragon Fruit Club, is a specialist on dragon fruit research and conservation.”

For us, it was really exciting to get to know this tree,” he told the BBC.”

I was really excited to learn more about it, how it grew, and how it was cut down.

“That’s really exciting because we don’t have a lot to show for it, it probably has to be the most spectacular specimen of its time, and one of the most important species of tree to be in the UK.”

The village and local people are now trying to convince other villages around the country to make dragon fruit and other tree species available for cutting.

“This tree is going to be of special interest to a lot more people,” said Mr Hill.

“I think it will become a real symbol of Wilts and its rich history, and to be able to cut it down will be really important for the local community.”

He also hopes that the village will be able do something to help other villages to keep their trees around.

“Dragon fruit is such an important species, so I’m hoping we can make it available to people around the UK and make it more available to them,” he added.

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